Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok, that was a new one for me

Freezing fog! It was the weirdest thing, I looked out the window last night and wondered why the power was off 500 ft away but not at our place. It was THE FOG. After the snow yesterday, the temps dropped and the fog moved in. I wanted really bad to go out and wander around in it, but everything had iced over and the last thing I need is to bust my butt on some concrete. I'll upload more pictures when I get a chance.


GraceBeading said...

ohhhh, I was in my first 'freezing fog' not long after I moved here to NE Indiana - we even had a freezing fog weather advisory (huh?). Anyway, it was beautiful... ice crystals danced on everything.

See for yourself

Jen said...

Oh wow, how beautiful!
It was so neat, I hope to see it again sometime :-)