Monday, July 30, 2012

Garden's growing great

I've been excited about our little garden patch, this is the first year I dug an official one out in the yard.
So far we have tomatoes, pumpkins, sunflowers, bell peppers, jalapeno & banana peppers and watermelon.  The corn.... not doing so good due to the harsh heat and drought right after I planted it.
I have some new corn sprouting in starter pots that needs to be put in the ground soon.

The pumpkin vines are growing like crazy, taking over the whole patch. I may have to extend the sides a bit so I can plant the rest of my veggies.  Either that, or I may do more 5-gallon bucket gardens on the patio like I did last year, they were pretty successful.

Here's a baby pumpkin in the works......

.....and here is my 1st healthy pumpkin!  It's a beauty :-)

Our Mr. Stripey variety tomato plant is growing very well.  It was touch-and-go during the drought but now it is thriving.
We bought this one at the garden center, but I do have a few plants doing well that I started from seeds.

How is your garden growing??

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunny outlook

Well geez, once again it sure has been a while since I've blogged.   I keep meaning to do it but life always gets in the way.  Let me catch you up to speed on one of my favorite things: the garden.

I ordered a packet of Giant Sunflower seeds from Burpee.  They have not grown to be tall giants (probably due to a combination of me not feeding/fertilizing them and the intensely hot drought we had at the start of the summer) but a few of the heads have gotten pretty large.

Here's a new flower forming.

Starting to open.......  I love the layers and layers of leaves and petals.

Next year I am going to fertilize the bejeebus out of these things and see what happens!

That is pretty big, right?  Not too shabby ;-)

Happy gardening!