Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts All Around - Part 5

Ok, here it is, the last installment of the Valentine Series! I've had great fun discovering heart-shaped designs and I'll probably keep looking for them.
These two images are my favorite.
First up: A 1931 topographic map section of Cades Cove in the Smoky Mtn's Nat'l Park. Note the heart shaped contour line to the west of Whistling Gap. Cool! I discovered this a few weeks ago while doing trail research and actually it is what inspired me to begin this little project.

And finally: You may think this is a stretch, but it looks like a little heart to me! A heart with a little face. Although I could be influenced by the superluv I have for him, and what could be more appropriate on Valentine's Day than that :-)
He's sitting on my shoulder supervising as I type.
Click the photo to see it larger.

I hope you've enjoyed the series, thanks for following!

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