Friday, April 8, 2011

Freaky Friday

It has been an exceptionally long time since I blogged, not because I forgot about the blog or didn't have any ideas or adventures to share..... I just took a break. Sometimes it is good to step away from a thing for a while.
Today my blogifying resumes with a post I call "Freaky Friday" because I'm sharing a couple things that are, shall we say, odd.

While hiking yesterday on Old Settlers Trail in the National Park, we encountered 2 very interesting things:

An emerging plant (appears to be mayapple) pushes its way up through the soil and directly into the opening of an empty, sun bleached snail shell, lifting it off the ground. Amazing!

I have seen a lot of hand carved grave markers around the park, many are so old you can't read them anymore.
This is one is somewhat legible but the drawing is still perfect - a hand with index finger pointing up to Heaven. Fantastic!