Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the Garden

I recently bought a lovely blue hydrangea shrub.
Hope it will stay blue, I know they are prone to changing based on soil pH. Over time I may have to try different stuff on it to adjust the color.

It was really difficult for me to plant because the location we agreed upon has the best grass in the lawn. It was literally paaaaainful for me to dig into that lush green carpet!
I separated and replanted plugs of the grass in some of the bare spots around the yard.

Then I had to prune back part of the Russian sage along the front walk. It was becoming huge, unruly, hanging into the pathway and is usually full of bees so that was sort of an obstacle course getting to the front door.

Shame to cut all these pretty little flowers, they smell nice, too. Still a lot left growing, though.
I'll have to try pruning it back earlier in the season next year to promote bushier growth as opposed to the current leggy state.


AngelaM said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog! I got home (Texas) from a Smokies trip last week...I miss them so much already! Consider yourself blessed to live in that wonderful place!

Jen said...

Thank you very much! I hope you had a wonderful visit to the Smokies and come back soon :-) It certainly is a *fantastic* place!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tip on the AT ridge trail...CD to NFG.

BTW, one of those moths if the infamous NO Saints Who Dat moth.