Friday, July 1, 2011

Freaky Friday 7.1.11

Today's Freaky Friday comes from yesterday's hike in the Smokies, on trails out of Elkmont. Nice weather, lots of people out and about along the Little River. We went out to the Goshen Gate Bridge and I waded in the river; we saw a mink running along the opposite bank. Met a large group of young backpackers headed for bc #23 then up to the AT today.

On the way back, we diverted onto Huskey Gap Trail over to bc#21 (the new one) to see if anybody was there (spotted at least 1 tent). Along the HGT we passed what I guess is a timber rattlesnake chillin at the edge of the trail.

It was motionless, it never rattled or showed aggression. It was determined to be best to encourage it away from the trail with a long branch.

It was a big fat beauty, and I didn't know they came so dark - that's the only reason I noticed it.... the blackness stood out in the brown terrain. Steve Irwin over there with the stick was in heaven and lamenting the fact that he couldn't bring this snake home. *eyetwitch*

Also here's a freaky fungus. I'm going to be classy and say it looks like a heart.


PoetessWug said...

Whoa Mama!!!! O_0 That's exactly why I don't hike...or go into water that's not encased in cement...or....YIKES!! All kind of fears just popped up! Thanks! ^_^

Steven said...

We saw a Eastern Garter Snake over on the Turkeypen Ridge a couple of weeks ago. That's only the second snake I've ever seen in the park along a trail in the last 10 years. I'd have been freaking out if I saw this one. Glad it stood out and you noticed it.