Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garden Update

I'm busy busy busy, so here's just a quick update on what's happening around the garden:
The new hydrangea is adjusting nicely, no longer drooping over terribly in the heat of the afternoon. Its blooms are so big and beautiful considering how small the shrub is yet. I think it is beginning to shift from blue to purple.

Ahhhh, the sunflowers.... so bright and cheerful :-)
There's about 8 of them and 3 have begun to bloom. They are getting about 4-5 feet tall now.

A nice, juicy cucumber in the front flowerbed. They sure are spiky when they're little! A few more tiny ones are under the leaves, but it looks like all the vine's energy is going into this particular cuke.

I've got corn sprouting in a couple 5-gallon buckets, and some watermelon vines and red peppers plants in the works, more pics later. Happy gardening!


PoetessWug said...

WOW!! Your Hydrangeas and sunflowers are gorgeous!! Not to mention all of the other goodies coming up in your garden! How wonderful!!...I posted some of hubby's sunflowers on my blog today too! I guess those sunny 'fellas' are making everybody happy today!! ^_^

Jen said...

Thank you!
Yes, the flowers are spreading the joy for sure :-) Your hubby's sunflowers are super beauties, I checked them out just now, nice!!