Friday, April 17, 2009

Stop! Sammich time!

Put on your shiny Hammer pants and get ready for more bread ramblings..... Thinly sliced and toasted, the milk-n-honey white bread loaf of doom makes an excellent sandwich. I've been using smoked turkey, mozzarella and baby spinach with a shot of yellow mustard. I've put the second loaf in the freezer and I'm keeping the used loaf in the fridge. I'm also keeping the honey in the fridge even though they say it isn't necessary. Doesn't become too hard to spread anyway.

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randomcrafter said...

*Pulling on my shiny pants* Your bread looks great, regardless of it's weighty issues. ;-) I've wanted to try sourdough bread, but....the starter....hmmmm. Years ago my Mom bought bread from a neighbor. It was very coarse and so yummy toasted and I wonder if it was sourdough. As far as finding a warm place for it to rise, you might try putting a bowl of hot water in the oven (not preheated of course) and put the dough in the closed oven. Back when gas ovens had pilot lights it would be warm. But with the new gas stoves and of course electric ones--not so much.