Monday, April 8, 2013

Growing Strong

My indoor seed sprouts are in full swing upstairs, many are very close to requiring transplanting.
A few times throughout out the day, I have to go make wind in the seed room.  hehehehehhehe yeah, I'm still 12.  Seriously, though, I do wave a sheet of cardboard gently over the sprouts a few times a day to simulate wind so the stems will toughen to it and they won't be shocked so by real wind when they move outdoors.

I should organize another round of seed starting, also, but I'm short on time and space.  Yesterday I expanded the boundaries of the veggie garden, so I'm almost ready to get these babies in the ground.  Just need to add the soil amendments and still finalizing exactly where I'm going to plant what....... so exciting!  And so much work, but so worth it.  Nothing like fresh food grown by your own efforts!

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