Friday, April 26, 2013

Fauna Friday

A couple days ago, I opened the front door to go outside and sweep the front porch.  On the doormat, I discovered an array of straw and dead branches from my clematis vine.  I was perplexed and wondered how they could have traveled so far down the porch without a very strong wind.  Then I noticed a couple sticks out of place in my door wreath......

...... then I looked inside the wreath........

Yes!  Some little bird is (or was) attempting to build a nest in my wreath!
Too bad there's no peephole in the door, it'd be so fun to spy on the culprit.

 I doubt construction will continue, but if it does I'll post more details.

And, just because he's a pretty bird who keeps hanging around our backyard with his wife, here's Mr. Cardinal:

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