Monday, February 25, 2013

Movie Monday

I recently discovered that one of my favorite '80s movies is currently available for viewing on YouTube

If you've seen it, go watch it again, still fun :-)
If you've haven't viewed it yet, get ready for some great 1983 apocalyptic-future-space-cheese.
Kindof a Mad Max-y, Indiana Jones, Beyond the Thunderdome of Doom, with a dash of Cherry 2000, a pinch of Dune, and a smidge of Barbarella.
*big nostalgic sigh*

Let's hit some of the high spots:

Peter Strauss is a good lookin' dude.

I want the truck.

Ernie Hudson! Hot space bounty hunters should join forces.

Ernie's truck is cool, too.  Bonus points for the cattle pusher.
A rusty desert train/ship with sails?  Why not?

Molly Ringwald, just before Brat Pack fame, jumps off my truck.

Early Steampunk style "Chemist" & Michael Ironside is "Overdog"

What can I say, I love this movie!
Give it a chance, you might, too.
Trust words.

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