Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rainin' then Snowin'

After literally days of nearly constant rain, rain, rain, this afternoon it transitioned into snow.  It began as a heavy wave of sleet that piled up on the cars, grass, and pavement, then big wet snowflakes took over.  We probably had about 2 inches of snow accumulation in our part of town. (Edit: the morning after - I walked around outside just now & it was deeper than I thought, more like a bit over 3 inches.)



Then the skies began to clear and we had a bright pink, stormy sunset - what a wild day!


BlackStar said...

Beautiful photos! Lucky you. You got the snow! I hear you about the rain. I think it's gone for now. I'm patiently waiting for our snow to eventually fall sometime this winter.

Jen said...

Finally the sun is out! *faint* You just never know what to expect now, things are getting so weird weather-wise.
Hope you get some snow!