Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adventures in Landscaping

So, we've lived in our new house for a year & a half, and I've gotten around to doing a little landscaping. A couple flower beds out front just need something, they're pretty basic with some shrubs and azaleas.... I want more variety.
I've added a few kinds of hosta, phlox, mondo grass, creeping jenny (ha!), as well as some elephant ear and mixed caladium bulbs, which haven't sprouted yet.
Now, prepare yourself to be impressed. Here's the before/after photos. Ok the photos aren't spectacular but I managed to figure how to do mouseover script again after several years (and on blogger no less) so I should get at least 1 point for that.
And possibly a cookie.

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BlackStar said...

Looks great. I got lost playing with the mouse over. And I love the stonework on your house!

Jen said...

Thanks! :-)