Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed in

Well, not really. We did get about 3 inches of snow in our part of town, then it switched to freezing rain/sleet which has compacted the snow and made a crunchy, slushy, icy mess. A few people are driving around, the mailwoman delivered as usual, but most are staying in (as we are). A couple of the neighbors with 4-wheelers have been enjoying themselves.... shredding up a bit.
We've had slow steady freezing drizzle/sleet (it seems like) all day. It is picking up right now, switching back to snow as of 1:30pm.

Our back patio at 4:30pm, Fri. and 12noon, Sat.

Ahhhh..... refreshing!!


randomcrafter said...

Nice photos. Looks like you've had a good bit of snow/ice, etc. Some of the ice coated branches look like beaded necklaces. Bare footprints in the snow! Ack!

Countrybythebumpkins said...

nice pics! Looks like that here in jersey too. I can't wait until spring comes!

BlackStar said...

We got 3" here too and then the freezing rain/sleet moved in to put a layer of ice on everything. I may try and iceskate on the snow today.
LOL @ the foot/snow photo. Glad to see I'm not the only one that takes those kind of pictures. :)