Thursday, January 28, 2010

The calm before the storm

A storm is coming. We're under a "winter storm warning" Friday and Saturday, supposed to get a couple inches of snow at least, possibly some freezing rain at some point. Hard to believe it since the weather is beautiful today, sunny and 50F degrees.
Me and everyone else in town ran around getting stuff done today, it was a zoo on Kingston Pike (more than usual). Now I've got enough 'real' food and junk food to last for several weeks.... or maybe just til Monday.
I've got a long list of art face requests that should keep me busy for the duration, not to mention all the half-finished jewelry projects scattered around the place. If I was snowed in for a solid month I might get caught up!!

Just after I posted this, I checked the weather forecast again and naturally they've changed it, now saying less snow is coming. By tonight, the forecast will probably be "warm and sunny". Trying not to think anything obnoxious about weatherpersons right now.

1 comment:

BlackStar said...

If I turn that TV on and they cancelled MY snow, I will not be happy! :)
We're ready for it. Guess time will tell.