Thursday, August 20, 2009

"No 'poo"

So today I decided to try the "no shampoo" regimen on my hair, wherein you wash with 1 tbsp of baking soda mixed with water, then rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar... I substituted white vinegar instead and used just a little. I've been feeling like my scalp is unbalanced and I'm trying various things to see what might make a difference.
A few months ago I ditched the 'regular' shampoo and conditioner for an organic variety with no sulfates, which helped some because before that my scalp was sometimes so irritated. I also think our hard water may have an effect - I keep thinking of that tv show where the guy's water was turned off and he had to wash his hair with bottled water and loved it, then he brainstormed a water filter for showerheads.
Now I'm willing to give no 'poo a go, and I'm hoping it will work out. Reading comments from others on the net makes me a bit leery as a few girls with long, fine hair reported negative results.... but everyone is different and you never know until you try, so here goes.
I'd already done a light oil treatment on my dry hair before 'washing' so I anticipated that it might not feel clean at all with no 'poo. Actually it came out looking pretty well and with a nice texture. I used no conditioners or sprays and let it air dry, then gently combed and braided it.
I'm aware of the potential for a transition period where the oil-production part of my head may go into shock and wonder, "wth? no shampoo?! then let's kick this grease up a notch!" I just hope it doesn't get too out of control, and certainly hope it doesn't go in the other direction and frizz out, either.
It'll be interesting to see how this progresses.... wish me luck! If you've tried no 'poo and loved it or hated it, drop a comment - any suggestions, tips or observations would be appreciated.
(No 'poo, part 2)


Katie said...

how much water do you use with the bs? I'd use apple cider vinegar. It makes a great hair rinse.

I'll try this, if you get back with the water proportions, and let you know how it does. I have long hair. not fine, not super thick.

Jen said...

I put the baking soda in my hand and mixed in just enough water to make it a bit soupy, then smeared it around on my scalp and massaged for a minute, then rinsed with shower water and then did the water/vinegar rinse using a water bottle with little holes drilled in the lid.
Some no poo-ers suggest making a paste with the soda and others said mix it with a cup of water.... so, I guess I'll try different things?
Seems I also read that white vinegar was less harsh than the apple cider vinegar... but I've never had any of that so I know nothing about it! I'll probably get some soon...
What water-to-acv ratio do you use?