Thursday, August 27, 2009

No 'poo, part 2

Status: 1 week.
So far I'm fairly pleased with the results of substituting 1 tbsp wet baking soda for shampoo and diluted vinegar/bottled water for a rinse. I no 'poo-d last Thursday, then on Sunday & Monday, and again today.
My hair has felt less greasy between washings since trying this, I hope that continues!
Yesterday I bought some apple cider vinegar and used it today instead of the white vinegar... the smell was a little stranger but results seemed about the same.
I've not used any other of my hair products (detanglers, root lifters, mousse, shine serum) since starting this project. If my ends feel fried I've rubbed on a small amount of jojoba oil.
Also, I'm allowing my hair to air-dry... if I must use the blow dryer, only on the cool setting and for a minute or two at a time.
The experiment continues.....
(No 'poo, part 1)

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