Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reshooting products

So I'm not happy with a lot of the product shots I've taken of my jewelry, it's been bugging me and I've finally gotten around to doing a little experimenting. My monkey-rigged light box and 'natural' light bulbs just don't always feel like they give me the most accurate reading of the items, color-wise and depth-wise.
Not a bad shot here, just looks, I don't know.... flat and a bit lifeless.

Today I shot using natural daylight, with some actual sun exposure, instead of using the light box and bulbs.
I'm happy with the results and think (hope) I've achieved an acceptable formula: the back windowsill, around 5pm, with reflector sheets, tripod, and timer.

Definitely *not* as convenient as the 24-hr light box, though!

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