Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Box turtle

About a month ago, I looked out the window to check on the rain (we'd been having a lot) and I spied a box turtle trundling around in the street. We don't get much traffic here but there are a couple resident speed demons who'd likely mow down a turtle and not even notice.... so I embarked on a mini rescue op to get it off the road.

Having done this a few times in the past, I was fully prepared for the inevitable peeing that goes along with carrying a turtle. I brought it onto the patio for a few photos before moving across the road in the direction I assume it was heading - the retention pond. Poor little thing was caked up with red clay from the empty lots next door.

Very enjoyable to examine such a beautiful creature so closely.
Here's a video that displays the turtle's locomotion, watch those little legs go!


Katie said...

I love turtles! He looks like an old one and he's not shy at all.
I stopped last week to help a baby one across the road.
We have a pair that set up camp in our veggie garden in the summer. I just posted about them the other day.

nina kuriloff said...

he's a cute turtle!!!