Thursday, November 13, 2008

Come hike with me...

I looooooove to hike. Love it! We usually go once a week, but if I could I'd probably go every single day.
Fall is my very favorite season for hiking. When the leaves turn a spectacular array of colors, the world begins to take on an unnatural feel. The wind blows and the leaves gently float down like confetti. Sometimes the intense blue sky and vivid leaf color literally stops me in my tracks, and I just stand and stare for a while (which I'm told is rather annoying).
Then, from staggering bursts of fall color we merge into the cold, dead look of winter. Of course, winter does have its benefits..... you can more easily see old footpaths and rock walls that are overgrown in summer, and...... snow!! I'm eagerly awaiting the first of the season.

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